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If you are struggling with hair loss, Donte's of New York can help. Our hair loss center provides state of the art treatments and solutions for hair loss to our clients in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Whether hair loss is the result of heredity or a medical condition, we can provide a natural solution that is tailored to the individual client. We offer a wide range of possibilities for women's hair treatment and men's hair replacement, including hair extensions, hair replacement, and hair loss products.

Our professional staff provides many options for human hair extensions and hair replacement systems to provide the right solution for each client. Our hair extensions use no adhesives, braiding or sewing to avoid damage to your existing hair, while providing the beautiful, flowing head of hair you desire. Micropoint Links provide an immediate and natural looking solution to hair loss at the top of the head that is virtually undetectable.

In addition to men's hair treatment and women's hair replacement services, we provide hair replacement repairs, keratin hair straightening treatments and products for hair extensions and hair replacement. We have a full line of hair replacement products and hair extension products, including tapes, adhesives, hair care products, brushes and more.

We have included information on our website about our hair center, hair loss treatments, and our products and services on our website. Please take a few moments to read more about us and our services. We provide a free consultation to have your hair evaluated and learn more about your options for women's hair replacement or men's hair treatment services.

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